Focus on growth knowing your business will keep up

Outsource Chief Operations Officer Services for your Growing Business

Unlock potential in your people, processes & performance

Actions need to happen without you as your business grows.  But, you need to feel confident that your team are doing the right work and making the right decisions, efficiently.

If business operations aren’t up to scratch; it can feel chaotic in the office; you’re sucked into the details, firefighting, and don’t have visibility into what’s around the corner.

Setting up efficient processes, performance visibility systems and building a team that’s empowered to run them, let’s you consistently drive forwards, while staying in full control. 

That’s optimised business operations and as your outsource COO I can help you shape them

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Are you frustrated by:

  • getting pulled back into the details?
  • lack of performance visibility & control?
  • more staff making it harder not easier?
  • fixing issues your teams should fix?
  • no time to focus on improvements?
  • feeling more not less tied to the business?

If you are facing these roadblock, I can help

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Your business is growing, let’s keep it that way

Gain Clarity
Clarify your goals and obtain ongoing performance visibility
Achieve Consistency
Embed systems to maximise output and empower teams to handle roadblocks
Feel Confident
Step back, strive ahead and maintain control from a distance

Operating efficiently shouldn’t be so difficult!

Hi, I’m Rebecca

I understand how frustrating it can feel when you want to focus on the next phase, but you can’t step out of the picture for fear it may fall apart.

You’ve built a successful business but what happened to the freedom you expected from growth?  It’s going well but you’re niggled knowing it could be easier.

If we just worked a bit faster, communicated a bit better, had slicker processes… we could achieve more with a lot less stress and effort.

But, there is never quite enough time to get ahead of it.

more about me

You have made a tremendous impact and the legacy you will leave behind is truly staggering. From the daily dashboards to the processes that you have put in place, I cannot identify a single part of the business that was not affected positively by you in a major way. I am insanely jealous of any company that is lucky enough to work with you.

CEO, Digital Marketing Scale-Up

Find out how I have helped other businesses…

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Businesses I have worked with

Visit ScotlandGrowth from KnowledgeeProspectsAkzo NobelCEB

Together we have:

  • Reduced founder ‘in office’ time from 5 days to 1 day
  • Exploded talent capacity by 22%, without hiring
  • Achieved 100% key client retention, alongside price increases
  • Slashed internal request turnaround time by 50%
  • Enhanced efficiency, reducing production cycles from 7 to 2 days
  • Enabled goal aligned decisions with KPI dashboards

What opportunities could be locked inside your business?

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Ready to take a step back and a leap forward?

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Tell me your story, what you want to achieve and what is standing in your way
the potential
I will identify, build and embed what’s needed to allow your business to run sustainably
Take your
next step
Confidently step back and focus on your bigger picture knowing your business will keep up

What would a business that’s one step ahead mean to you?

Imagine taking the next step in the journey, re-focussing on your bigger picture. Imagine how you could spend your time, if your team was working in harmony happily taking care of business and wasn’t relying on you to perform

Take action now

Get more from your business, erradiate the burden and become an exit ready entrepreneur running a self-sustaining business

Achieve more with what you already have


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